Friday, December 30, 2005


Buttplate cover for long guns . . .

Hi Pards,

Some cowboys and cowgirls ask about a butt stock cover that's not intended to cover a contemporary recoil pad or a stock lenthening spacer. The one pictured is home fabricated from split cowhide (suede) purchased from Leather Crafters. It is glued with rubber contact cement to the metal butt stock. the plate screws help keep it in position. It is not a permanent accessory and can be peeled off at any time or reglued as necessary.

The important features are to note is the uncovered heal of the stock. This allows the butt to slip as the long gun is mounted to the shoulder. Also, note the absence of suede on the sides of the stock butt. Suede on the sides of the butt might cause difficulty in mounting the long gun. Some commercial butt stock covers use smooth leather for the sides of the cover. The suede on the butt serves the purpose to stop the gun from dropping down the chest while firing the gun.

It'a also OK to use a chamos to cover the metal butt plate and route the edges under the butt plate.

It's not necessary to spend upwards of $35 for lace on butt stock cover that may not do the job needed.

Just my opinion . . .

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Cowboy Shootin', fast and fun . . .

Cowboy Shootin' can be fun, fast, and colorful. Here, the top picture shows the cowboy in full dress shooting a Uberti replica 1873 Winchester lever rifle. One shell is just above and in front of the hat. Great and speedy contestants can have at least 3 shells in the air during competition.

Cowboy Shootin' the Norinco replica Winchester 1897 pump shotgun is a great way to compete. Here, an empty hull has just left the ejection port and the next round is headed for the port. This right hand double load technique is OK, but a bit slower than the 4 shell over the top load technique.

A typical stage in Cowboy Action Shooing events involves the use of a lever/pump/double-barrel shotgun, a pistol cartridge lever rifle, and two single action revolvers. The targets are BIG and Close so even a novice gets to see and hear the Bang and Clang of shooting. All kinds of catagories: Gender, age, cartridge powder type (smokeless or holy black powder), costume, etc.

Cowpards and Cowpardettes get to dress to any degree of dress typical or not of the 1900's. Some period correct, and some hollywood 1950's creations.

Look up a Single Action Shooting Society club shooting Cowboy Action competion and take a peek at a great family oriented hobby.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Shotgun reactive clay tosser target

Hi Pards,

Here's a design that is not my own, but I'm made several of these and each can be designed to deflect shot to the ground. The knockdown can activate a tosser arm that launches a clay 15 to 25 feet into the air.

Joy T Brew Enterprise, LLC

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Cowboy Action Loading Block

Hi Pards,

Now, you can transport your ammo to the loading table in a simple, secure, device that allows the loading observer to count your ammo before you load your guns. This small (3X3-1/2 inches) block has a leather snap cover that holds the ammo until it's needed. The block is small enough to carry in a small leather pouch or with a lanyard looped over a pistol grip.

I use them for .45 caliber series and the .38 Special series or combinations thereof.

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