Saturday, January 21, 2006


How to measure large flake powder for reloading . .

Hi Pards,

Getting large flake powders like Clays or American Select to measure reliably in a powder measure used on a progressive or turret press can be exhasberating to say the least. The measure can have powder bridge blocks (no powder drops) or the dropped powder can vary considerably above and below the set drop weight. For these reasons, I use either a Dillon powder check die or an RCBS powder check die following the powder drop. Safety demands that this check be installed on any press where there isn't visual identification that the case is adequately filled.

Many experienced reloaders suggested using a small electric aquarium pump attached to the powder hopper. The vibration helps settle the powder and prevent some measuring errors. I find that the added electric wires of an aquarium pump are worrisome and with a turret press are impractical. So, I decided to use the small egg shaped "Personal Vibrator" for the purpose. These have a variable vibration control and are very effective in providing sufficient vibration for the purpose. They are small and I secure them to the hopper with a few rubber bands.

The pictures show one vibrator attached to a Dillon powder measure hopper and another attached to a Lee pro disk powder measure. Won't tell how I got these, but they might be available at any Adult Novelty shop.

Other ways to skin a cat, but this one worked for me.

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