Thursday, January 05, 2006


Profile of JP 45 - 200 six cavity bullets.


The picture shows the difference in profile of the bullets dropped from different JP 45 200 six cavity molds. The left bullet drops at near 215 grains with a nominal diameter of .458. The right bullet drops near 204 with a nominal diameter of .454. It's obvious that the crimp groove would make the over all finished cartridge much different in length. Also, the right bullet would result in much less case capacity. Not a problem for me as I use minimal black powder and grits filler. The castings are from recovered wheel weights.

Is it possible that the left bullet is actually the DD/ROA BL 210 for Ruger Old Army? It would size to .457 easily, but of course, the crimp groove wouldn't be necessary.


The two molds are identical in name and function. The rounded profile is the original shape of the JP 45-200 bullet. The truncated cone shape is the New and Improved version of the JP 45-200 bullet. The latter allows a bit more black powder in the case.

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