Tuesday, May 09, 2006


How to use the Lee Pro Disk powder measure on a Dillon 650

Hi Cowboys,

Notice the two Auto-disk Risers situated in the 4th die position of the Dillon 650 to drops grits. I use a similar set-up with smokeless, black and substitute black powder.

The Lee Pro Disk and the Dillon powder hoppers have personal vibrators fixed to the side of the hopper to assist with consistant drops. The two risers lift the Lee moving parts above the Dillon powder check die and out of conflict with the Dillon powder measure. The user must be absolutely sure that the Lee Pro disks align fully above the drop hole in the powder die. If this can't be done with the die adjustment, look to the actuator arm wear on the swivel adapter. I had to use a sheet metal insert above the actuator arm to bring the disk holes to a proper drop position. Note also that I'm using a double stack kit to drop a large volume of grits in the .45 Colt case. I seat the bullet and crimp in the same die in the 5th position.

I just thought I would stop by and let you know that I enjoyed your blog postings!

You might know me as Prof. Fuller Bullspit.
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